Life unknown

The pain too close

I need you to know

What for you I desire most


Tomorrow may have joy

Or with crushing sorrow sway

We are cursed and broken

You must, you must know the way


Flying from Adam’s paternity

Pain ever makes so clear

This our greatest priority

From this comes my deepest fear


See your broken patterns

The dirt that stains your heart

Before the pain o’er whelms you

Be desperate for a new start


There is One that gives it

A remedy for our genes

To heal us from our darkness

A blood that strangely cleans


Go to Jesus, my child

Seek His smitten face

He is heaven’s remedy

Because He took our place


Crushed – my final pummel

Bruised – my eternal blow

Killed – life to give me

Cursed – that I might know…



That life is found in Jesus

There is no other place

That gives me satisfaction

Than looking on His face


He is who you need

Lost, He for you wins

Run to Him my child

He’ll take away your sins


Siena, call him Savior

Augie, call him Lord

George, call him precious

Be held by His sovereign cord


Isabelle, plead for mercy

Owen, seek him too

To His promise He’s faithful

He will deliver you


Theodore, God’s gift indeed

But there is one greater still

The One who took the curse for you

By dying on that hill


My dear ones seek my Jesus

Then when all comes crashing down

We’ll have a hope unfading

A precious, righteous crown


Because Jesus was a child

Who never turned to sin

And grew to die for sinners

Death will not, will not win