Life uncertain

Life not due

This is why

I look to you

Trust a battle

Faith a scare

Anxious thoughts

I daily wear

My breath is bated

My skin is pale

My tears now flow

For fear I dare not tell

Now I speak

The Gospel word

Repeating, repeating

The Spirit’s sword

I know it’s true

I know He’s there

All that I need

Amazing grace so fair

The sovereign King

Who holds all things

Bids me sing

Beneath His wings

Christ was slain

Jesus was broken

For my sins

Then was awoken

Life is certain

God’s promise true

Fear has no place

With the cross in view

Assurance a battle

The enemy grim

The Sun at times

It grows so dim

Shining still brightly

My future is set

For my Sun is my Savior

He will deliver me yet

To me He will come

Or to Him I will go

From this I’ll not move

His sure Word tell me so

So battle today

Or battle tomorrow

I won’t turn away

I won’t drown in sorrow

The Father has called

The living Son once died

The Spirit has filled me

I’m safe at His side