Changed By Glory

"And we all… beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another." II Cor. 3:18



The Comfort of Christmas – A Poem

What do lights have to do

With the sorrow we feel

Another year passed

With new wounds to heal


How does a tree

Green though it be

Brings peace to my mind

When regrets search for me – and find


The tune of sweet carols

Bring a moment of delight

That fades in the silence

When future comes to fright


The gift perfectly bought

Seems to satisfy nought

Though for a moment it touches

A deeper longing – it nudges


The comfort of Christmas

Not found in these things

Because the world tomorrow

Terror it brings


Our world it is broken

We dare not deny

No pageant, no party

Can this rectify


The comfort of Christmas

Is the Cure of the cause

Our regrets all forgotten

The record of broken laws


Our longing for light

Is an aching for sight

Our love of green trees

From death, something that frees


Our delight in the songs

The soul for harmony longs

Our gifts that we sought

Longing for what cannot be bought


Joy! Delight!

Comfort now…

All of our longings in Him

May be found


Like light that warmly shines

He shows us what is real

The God that has made us

That in the silence we feel


Like a tree that is cut

Yet whose color is unfaded

He stands with eternal life

For all in Him shaded


Like music that soars

He has ascended above

With sacrifice perfect

To make many one


He purchased the gift

We could not afford

By falling for us

Under his own divine sword


The comfort of Christmas

Is ultimately this

The wooing of rebels

With a heavenly kiss


The comfort of Christmas

Is the message of peace

Because our striving against God

Can eternally cease


The comfort of Christmas

Divine come from above

To mend what is broken

With eternal, sacrificial love

This Is My Lot Forever ~ A Poem

Sweat beaded upon the brow

The terror of hell alarming –

Justice divine impending now

Is this my lot forever?


Justice confirmed in burning mind

The soul with no excuses –

For God to damn is right and true

Is this my lot forever?


Agreed to face that terrible end

That Great Glory offended –

Terrifying the truth unchanging

Is this my lot forever?


With dry mouth and pounding heart

To hope would seem presumptuous –

I dare not even lift my eyes

Is this my lot forever?


A glimmer of light invades the darkness

I startle but can’t believe it –

My doom, my death is surely proper

Surely, this is my lot forever


Trembling lips lisp a prayer

A pitiful resignation –

Oddly content to face the dark

Surely, this is my lot forever


Light so brilliant shocks the heart

Strange, sudden, unexpected –

What does it mean? Where is it from?

What is my lot forever?


Bursting in fullness, refulgent, and clear

Terror of doom nigh forgotten

The source of light is the source of doom

What is my lot forever?


Like sun on the face, like stone under feet

With confidence now overtaken

The One I did dread now strangely I love

What is my lot forever?


The glory that damned now the glory of grace

The Savior the glimmering prism

Beckoned now to look on his face – Dare I?

What is my lot forever?


His beauty, my sin, what a juxtaposition!

Daring to view his splendor

Captivated by what would have consumed

Let this be my lot forever!


Sin of others painted on Him

The Beautiful One before tribunal stood

Struck, then crushed, forsaken

Wasn’t that my lot forever?


Panting for breath, by discovery stunned

My sin already atoned for

The glory of terror now the glory of joy

This is my lot forever

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