Changed By Glory

"And we all… beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another." II Cor. 3:18



The Comfort of Christmas – A Poem

What do lights have to do

With the sorrow we feel

Another year passed

With new wounds to heal


How does a tree

Green though it be

Brings peace to my mind

When regrets search for me – and find


The tune of sweet carols

Bring a moment of delight

That fades in the silence

When future comes to fright


The gift perfectly bought

Seems to satisfy nought

Though for a moment it touches

A deeper longing – it nudges


The comfort of Christmas

Not found in these things

Because the world tomorrow

Terror it brings


Our world it is broken

We dare not deny

No pageant, no party

Can this rectify


The comfort of Christmas

Is the Cure of the cause

Our regrets all forgotten

The record of broken laws


Our longing for light

Is an aching for sight

Our love of green trees

From death, something that frees


Our delight in the songs

The soul for harmony longs

Our gifts that we sought

Longing for what cannot be bought


Joy! Delight!

Comfort now…

All of our longings in Him

May be found


Like light that warmly shines

He shows us what is real

The God that has made us

That in the silence we feel


Like a tree that is cut

Yet whose color is unfaded

He stands with eternal life

For all in Him shaded


Like music that soars

He has ascended above

With sacrifice perfect

To make many one


He purchased the gift

We could not afford

By falling for us

Under his own divine sword


The comfort of Christmas

Is ultimately this

The wooing of rebels

With a heavenly kiss


The comfort of Christmas

Is the message of peace

Because our striving against God

Can eternally cease


The comfort of Christmas

Divine come from above

To mend what is broken

With eternal, sacrificial love

What Would Compel Me? – A Poem

What would compel me

My mouth to open

Words unwanted

To hearts warped and broken?


Why give at great price

What nobody wants

Message of rescue

Answered only with taunts?


Give at great price

For at great price it was given

Salvation unwanted

To those by rebellion driven


I speak for he spoke

And by a miracle I heard

A voice irresistible

Conviction for the first time occurred


Like that Traveller to Damascus

What I did not seek sought me

My eyes were opened

To see one nailed to a tree


Dread filled my heart

The fear of the Lord it is called

A new thirst, a fresh hunger

By my state grew appalled


Undeserving of love

Love I know knew

Through words unwanted

When I saw him called True


Like the beauty of Dachstein

As Everest’s peak

The vision before me

Compelled me to speak


What I did not want

To others now proclaim

The glory of love

Christ Jesus his name


Wretched beyond belief

Gross beyond description

Hating all good

Yet he brought to me redemption


What compelled him was love

This controls me too

“Be reconciled to God!

He took all your due!”


If his love you now know

You will have affections bright

Speaking to listless rebels

Him who brought you from darkness to light


This Is My Lot Forever ~ A Poem

Sweat beaded upon the brow

The terror of hell alarming –

Justice divine impending now

Is this my lot forever?


Justice confirmed in burning mind

The soul with no excuses –

For God to damn is right and true

Is this my lot forever?


Agreed to face that terrible end

That Great Glory offended –

Terrifying the truth unchanging

Is this my lot forever?


With dry mouth and pounding heart

To hope would seem presumptuous –

I dare not even lift my eyes

Is this my lot forever?


A glimmer of light invades the darkness

I startle but can’t believe it –

My doom, my death is surely proper

Surely, this is my lot forever


Trembling lips lisp a prayer

A pitiful resignation –

Oddly content to face the dark

Surely, this is my lot forever


Light so brilliant shocks the heart

Strange, sudden, unexpected –

What does it mean? Where is it from?

What is my lot forever?


Bursting in fullness, refulgent, and clear

Terror of doom nigh forgotten

The source of light is the source of doom

What is my lot forever?


Like sun on the face, like stone under feet

With confidence now overtaken

The One I did dread now strangely I love

What is my lot forever?


The glory that damned now the glory of grace

The Savior the glimmering prism

Beckoned now to look on his face – Dare I?

What is my lot forever?


His beauty, my sin, what a juxtaposition!

Daring to view his splendor

Captivated by what would have consumed

Let this be my lot forever!


Sin of others painted on Him

The Beautiful One before tribunal stood

Struck, then crushed, forsaken

Wasn’t that my lot forever?


Panting for breath, by discovery stunned

My sin already atoned for

The glory of terror now the glory of joy

This is my lot forever

“She Wonders” A Mother’s Day Poem

For my wife and the mother of my children, Katie


Tired – she rises once again;

Will the children give her grief?

Why another sleepless night?

Why so naughty? Why so obstinate to rest?

She wonders.



Weary – another day; another night

Watching. Feeding. Kissing. Rebuking.

Temper flares, conviction seizes

Where is my patience? Where is my grace?

She wonders



Tender – she sees a smiling face;

The children all adore her

They see in her – safety, supply

And a love that will not die

In their memory am I cranky or kind?

She wonders



Failure – she weeps again

Harsh words quickly spoken

She gathers them in her arms

She kisses their naughty heads

What example am I leaving them?

She wonders



Repentant – she turns again

Just as she did the day before

She prays in silence

Words of love, she offers

What words can a sinner speak?

She wonders



Hopeful – she sees her Savior

Dying on the accursed tree

It was for her failure he was abandoned

Faced his Father’s harsh displeasure

What greater message can I share but this?

My only hope for frailty seen?

She wonders



Forgiven – she knows she is

Trust in her substitute

Peace washes over, no condemnation

She looks at her children

Sinners they are, just like she

What legacy will I leave?

She wonders



Hopeful – new affection rises

Love for God, love for child

In love she tells of His love

Of pardon full and free

Is there any better news than this?

She wonders – aloud



Loving – she repeats once again

Yesterday, last week, last year!

The same good news, fresh and clear

She tells them God is holy

She tells them all have sinned

She tells them Jesus died and rose

Do they understand?

She wonders – aloud



Transformed – before their grubby faces

They see a love, though they know not the words

Mommy has found something precious

That overcomes her scorn

They hear her talk of sin and love, grace free

Forgotten is her angry face

In the light of mercy displayed

She knows not what their minds contain

Nor what their hearts perceive, but…

She wonders



Growing – slow and sure as they

The days and years go by

The grace that saves, grows and shows

A living hope inside

Patience, so elusive, slightly swells it bounds

Do they see the Spirit’s work?

She wonders



Prayerful – she lives each day

Knowing her example to them

Is more of grace than exemplary

Will seeds sown, in failure’s midst

Sprout within their souls?

She wonders



Steadfast – she considers her salvation

How it was by God’s own power

Not by her wise volition

She knows the same is for her children –

True. It drives her again to her knees

When will they say like mommy,

Praise God, Christ died for me?

She wonders



Resting – she sees another day

Failure and victory therein

But still the Gospel is the same

The Sovereign Lord he reigns

Why would I ever doubt him?

She wonders



Joyful – at first mixed with pain

She sees the signs of cursed fall

Each day, selfish, angry, envious

Her children show it all

Wait! Glorious moment!

Why these tears my child?

She wonders



Amazement – at effectual calling

Her child to her replies

I have sinned and deserve God’s judgment

I know I ought to die

But so many times you told me

Of your hope that never fades

This is now my hope of glory

My mercy for today

How can I praise him enough?

She wonders



Contemplative – years have passed

God worked through my failure

To save my children’s souls

Because His word never fails

It does for whatever it goes

What else has God been doing?

Through the pain and mundane?

She wonders







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