Dead and defeated

Our souls were cast down

Trapped in Adam’s cycle

With curse in place of crown

Unable to rise above

All those that have gone before

It seems our quest is futile

We have already lost the war

Happy and content

Many seem to be

To remain in woeful ignorance

Of what was designed for me

To know the Holy Sovereign

This was humanity’s call

Living in his lasting love

From this we did fall

Weak and unable

To climb above the rest

No works that we can offer

Can give us what is best

But Christmas an exception

At this happy time of year

We remember how the wayward

To Him may draw near


He came with what we lacked

To offer pure hands

A blessed substitution

To fulfill the Law’s demands

He came to be forsaken

By the very world he built

To face our execution

To take away our guilt

He loved what we had hated

He spoke truth instead of lies

He lived for what matters

A perfect sacrifice

Dying and rising

Descending to ascend

His purpose to remove

What would Heaven offend

Down he came at Christmas

So we could rise above

He took our life and death

So we could know Eternal love