Darkness deep

Lost-ness profound

It held my heart

To the farthest part down


The glow that I chased

Vanished in haste

No hope it imparted

However well it may have started


My soul it was searching

In the darkness I groped

But the light I was seeking

Was aimed at my boast


Then very surprising

The Son came arising

Light it did bring

Though quite a strange thing


Shining on not my expectation

It exposed my greatest misconception

Of the meaning of life –which was me

When that light led to a tree


Though darkness was crowding

Never before had I seen so clear

From dead branches shining

A glory so strange, yet so dear


Justice was raging

For mercy all pined

‘Til looking closer

I saw both entwined


For the justice was mine

As was the mercy too

For both were there present

In that strange golden hue


As cold as Christmas morn’

There was a chill in my bones

Then alighted a fire

Of hope for my soul


Forgetting myself

Yet not forgetting my need

I ran to the light

That was shining for me


‘Tween tears I did gaze

On the broken, sweet face

That once softly cooed

Amid Donkey’s bray, cow’s moo


Now it was weary

Now it was still

Broken and crushed

By judgement… I would never feel


For light there was shining

Which darkness can’t quell

The Savior had been born

To rescue from hell


So this was the rescue

So this was the light

He was born for me

To carry my spite


Now he lives forever

At Christmas we proclaim

That light has shined in darkness

That glory had a Name