“Love so follows knowledge, that no man can perfectly love God who has not previously a full comprehension of his goodness.” – Augustine of Hippo

We grow in our genuine love for God as we grow in the knowledge of Him in what he has revealed about himself. The more we view his loveliness, the more convinced we become of its reality. Many wonderful people are misunderstood as long as no time is taken to get to know them. In fact, so many problems in relationships are due to a lack of gaining understanding and even seeing only what we want to see. Love for God based on our own fabrication of who he is, is not love, but mere fancy. And our world is full of short, shallow, and fanciful relationships that prove this point.

If love for God is lacking then more time should be spent in His word. Any time spent there will not be wasted. Eyes that have been opened to behold the glory of God in the Gospel will perceive the loveliness of God in the Scriptures as long as they are actually taking time to look!

Our love for God grows as our true knowledge of Him increases, thus our love will be perfected when we finally see him and know him beyond the dim lens of sin.