For those reading this who hope that I have the ability to expound on the subject I must confess that the header is more a question in light of decisions that I have at hand.  The desire to walk in heroic faith has me on the one side and the desire to be prepared for long term ministry has me considering the other hand. Which is better? Both are driven by a desire to glorify God and see His Name made great throughout the earth!

I have complete confidence in the fact that my God is Sovereign, thus He knows my decisions before I make them. I have feeling that as a child of God I have the mind of Christ and that I should abandon myself to that. If I have confidence in that fact I will know that even my common sense is being sanctified. Those that are lovers of truth God will not lead astray. This leads to the aspect of peace. God’s Spirit convicts, guides, and comforts. I believe that peace should be pursued as it is a sure fruit of obedience. That does not mean the path of least resistance should be pursued  by any means, in fact I can be assured that battle is at hand both before and after obedience.

I believe we should put to use “sanctified common sense” when making decisions in our life. However, remembering that our common sense is upside-down from the world’s. The mind of Christ springs from the eternal and points to the Father. In order to use the sense of Christ we must  set out with the purpose which Christ had in all that He did, to glorify the Father. That is the only purpose I live, it is the only reason I am redeemed.

Now how do I reconcile a decision when both sides appear to point to glorifying the Father? How about getting on my knees and holding up both options in the light of Christ, to make myself disappear from each scenario? Which brings the most glory to God? I have some urgings in my soul, perhaps I will learn a lesson in the school of Christ on the matter very soon….